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Baby Buella's New Clothes

I've waited long and wanted hard for GRANDBABIES!!!  And FINALLY - on my birthday no less - I have a Granddaughter coming!!! 

And She's HERE!!!!  Alexis Caroline was born October 13, 7lbs and 20" long - I know you'll agree she's gorgeous!!

Here she is checking out her new digs!










Getting to know her Grammy at 3 days old and is she really almost laughing?!!  

Her Mommy and Daddy had name possibilities but wanted to meet her before actually picking one so, since her Daddy races Buell Motorcycles, we called her 'Baby Buella' 

Here is the first dress I made for her - from an Old Fashioned Baby pattern with  touches of lace and hand embroidery.  I made it with the intention of her wearing it home from the hospital but if she does or not doesn't really matter. 

 I've set this page up so I can post the pretties I make for her and hopefully will also have pictures of her wearing some of them.




 Details: Dress is made of Swiss Satin Batiste, Slip of Barbara's Favorite Batiste from Jeannie Baumeister's Old Fashioned Baby Daygown Pattern

 Bunnies and Burps and Blankies - pressies from Grammy

Ok - a little lesson: Crocheting around the edges of blankets has been getting a lot of attention lately and I HAD to try it, too!  My Grandmother was an incredible crocheter - we didn't have a dishtowel, placemat, pillowcase or anything else in our house when I was a kid that didn't have a crocheted edge of some sort!  I remember her trying to teach me to do it and I could never get the rolled edge coordinated with the rhythm of the hook - but I had to try it and finally almost got it to work.  This is a MUCH easier method than fussing with sewing entredeux on first, it holds very well - I still have some pillowcases that are almost threadbare but the crocheted edge is still holding securely!  I think the easiest and best way to show you is to just post some pictures here, it's so easy, I used the smalled hook possible that would carry the thread.  I used pearl coton or knit crosheen, either worked just fine.

this has been moved to The Sewing School - please check it out there!








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