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Sewing Cyber Sisters - Sewing for Soldiers


 Pillowcases for 2010 

How many can we send?     

 in 2010 Let's BEAT 850 Pillowcases in 2009 !!                   

   Make 10!  Make 100!!!  

We have received several Thank-You notes from soldiers who have received Pillowcases!   Klik on a Heart to read them:


 I am no longer at Dominion, please send Pillowcases directly to Bev at:

Dominion Power

attn: Bev Robinson 2SE

5000 Dominion Blvd

Glen Allen, VA 23060-3308


Pillowcases should be approximately 20"wide by 30" long,

standard bed-size pillowcases.

Good construction tips can be found at

<klik here> Marie's Embroidery Haven

and <klik here> Martha Pullen Phorum


Yes - we are still collecting and sending pillowcases and lots of other stuff, scroll down to see the list.  You can also donate to the following organisations:  USOSoldiers Angels  and  Any Soldier  (klik on any of these) there are manymany other places to donate but these I know and can recommend.




 Here's what's going on: Bev who works with me, started collecting things to send to the troops overseas shortly after the US landed in Iraq. She sends boxes every week to 2 different battalions, 1 in Iraq and 1 in Afghanistan. EVERY WEEK - 30-60+ boxes! The boxes go to the battalion chaplain and he distributes them. If there is anything special they NEED he lets us know, a call goes out (email to all Dominion employees all over the country) and people send it. The last request we had was for twin-size sheets as the Army-supplied ones had never arrived and none could be located. When a battallion first arrives in country they are sent boxes for each person - about 500 - with 2 pillows, pillowcases, Crystal Lite or other such, a few snacks, books and magazines and 1 or 2 notes or cards or letters. We are not allowed to send any religious or sexually explicit books or anything alcoholic, cigarettes, etc. We also 'adopt' a number of individual soldiers and they receive boxes every week, too, besides the special care packages they receive form the employee who adopts them.  Typically we get together for a long lunch hour once a week and pack these boxes up assembly-line-style.  ANY notes and letters are very welcome - no box goes out without at least one personally written note. 

STEP IT UP LIST: (these are things we are running out of!)

- Pillows need over 400
- X Large White T-Shirts and Socks
- AA and AAA Batteries
- Crystal Lite

Remember:  We are the Land of the Free because of the BRAVE!!!!

Most Requested Items List:

Snacks and non-perishable food items, particularly tuna kits, beef jerkey, canned fruit, dried fruit, nuts and other healthy snacks
Undershirts (white, short sleeve)
Socks (bootcut, white)
Cigarettes, Coppenhagen and Skoal
Single-use cameras (disposable style)
Pre-sweetened flavored beverage mixes - Crystal Lite, Kool Ade, etc.

Letters of support - (letters from you, your children, your business, office, school, or other organization in support of our troops)
AT&T Global Pre-Paid Military Calling Cards (must be these specific cards to work in Iraq and Afghanistan)

The  Sewing Cyber Sisters

There exists in Cyber-land a unique society, well, many unique societies, actually, and this one is probably not so unique as many others - but it's unique to us - the  Sewing Cyber Sisters! 


In days long past (you have to humor me here, this is my website!) women of all ages would gather together at day's end or odd spare moments to stitch and chat.  The needle-necessities of mending and seaming and the needle-arts, too, were passed on mother to daughter to granddaughter.  That society is sadly all but lost in this day of buy it-wear it-use it-toss it-buy something new.

But there are still those among us who love to stitch and thru all of today's wonderful technologies and instant global communications we have joined together to form many different stitching communities - chat and message boards!  Blogs!  Websites!  Pattern exchanges and information trading!  Helping each other learn and find new and better ways to practice the art we love.We no longer have to sew our own clothes and things for our family but we do it because we love the process of creating, we love leaving little bits of ourselves for others to hopefully enjoy. 

At the bottom of it all we share the love of sewing!


One project that several sewing chat boards, local sewing groups and sewing stores around the world have joined together to work on is to stitch 1,000 pillowcases for military personnel stationed overseas.  Bev Robinson at Dominion Power has worked tirelessly for several years now to supply soldiers in war zones with small amenities and treats and personal necessities to make their lives a little better and to show how much we all appreciate the sacrifice they're making.  She is distributing the pillowcases with pillows that are also donated - soldiers are not issued pillows and do not have access to this small creature comfort once they are in their field quarters.  We hope that these bright colors and whimsical prints will add a touch of cheerfulness and act as a reminder of home to the soldiers.

So make a pillowcase!  Make 10!  Make 100!!!      

Here is what we've done so far, 250 by Thanksgiving:

From Marie's Embroidery Haven - http://www.myembroideryhaven.com/forum/index.php and Martha Pullen's Phorum - http://forums.marthapullen.com/




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