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              SEWING SCHOOL

WELCOME to the Sewing School!  You are welcome to download and use everything you find here.  You may make and sell any of these projects and of course use them yourself and give them as gifts.  Please send your friends here! 

But please do NOT: copy or share any of the patterns, sell any of the patterns or in any other way use them as your own.  Please contact me if you would like to use any of these projects for teaching - I will be happy to share them but you may only use them with my permission.  I hold the copyright for everything that is published here.

Fuffle Butt Panties

I first made these Fuffle Butt Pantie at the request of my youngest daughter when she was expecting her first daughter. We'll do anything for our grandchildren - right?!!  She also wanted *5* rainbow ruffles which was a little crazy, a little overwhelming and a little difficult on such a little bitty garment!

I have re-drafted the pattern to hopefully fit a little better and also cut the ruffles down to *3* rows of ruffles, a little more sane - and easier!  And my friend and great customer Kathy Gilman whipped up this adorable baby diaper shirt and Fuffle Butts from our new seersucker fabric for her Great-Grandchild coming soon!!!  Click on the picture to see a larger view!

The pattern is only for the panties and is in sizes 3months, 9months and 12months.
Click HERE to download the pattern!

Princess Buella's Eyelet Sundress

It's HERE - I made this back in May for Mother's Day and have been trying to get the pattern right ever since!  It's super-easy - which is the only kind of sewing I have time for now - and super-cute & pretty, too!!  I added a pretty little Machine Embroidery monogram to the yoke - which took about 5 minutes.

Click HERE to download the Pattern and Directions -

Crocheted Edging

This is an easy and pretty little crocheted edging added to a 40" or so square of Austrian Cotton Cashmere Flannel with a little vintage machine embroidery design for a special little baby gift! 
Add the baby's name and birth date and you've really got a very personal and memorable heirloom gift!!

Click on the Baby Blanket to Download the directions!

SUPA-EASY Craft Project!

You’ll never believe this!!  This is a TOTAL hoot!  And VERY Handy!!  This came from my friend Shirley in Calgary - you'll have to see it to believe it!

Burp Cloth

It absolutely cracks me up that we go to such lengths and extremes to make such pretty, elaborate little frou-frous for our precious babies to spit on!!!  But moms love them, the fancier the better and if they’re monogrammed – O, MY!! The mother of my own little Princess Granddaughter preferred the dog-bone shaped cloths so of course that’s what I made her!  They’re super-simple but I’ve had several requests for the ‘pattern’ so here it is –
Click on the picture to Download the Pattern and Directions


Christmas Outfits

Brother-Sister Outfits for Christmas!
Not really Brother and Sister my granddaughter Baby Buella and Teacher Daughter's BFF's newborn son needed Special Christmas Outfits -

Her dress is Ellie Inspired's Mary Mack Pattern, his romper is Chery William's pattern with some of the fullness removed from the bottom and I pleated the bottom to the yoke to look a little more boyish
. Both outfits were sewn from Sheen Sateen, which I absolutely LOVE!!



This is the inspiration for my Christmas Outfits!

Laura Johnson from Ellie Inspired made it for her daughter from her Miss Mary Mack Pattern. I loved the organdy overlay but when it started coming together it was a bit much on such a small size 1 - so in the end I omitted it.




To construct the fancy tops I start with a plain piece of fabric - in this case the organdy.

I laid the pattern piece out and cut the fabric a good bit larger than the pattern. Then I marked the straight line, you can use the wash-away blue pen, pull a thread to make sure it's on the straight of grain and/or use and iron or your finger to press a crease to stitch your tucks and trims to.
I did all the stitching FIRST and then traced the bodice front onto the fancy fabric.  
I had cut the piece a little too much larger than the pattern, large enough that I had room to trace out a doll bodice front as well - another project for 'later' but I couldn't let that fancy fabric go to waste!!

That's it!!  A lesson in 'Block Construction'!!  Easy, huh?!!

Faux Smocking - by machine!

I love to smock, I love the look and the functionality as well as the stitching itself but I get emails all the time from girls who don’t know how to smock or don’t have a pleater or consider 'HAND' a 4-letter word so they can’t create a smocked garment.  Even the Machine Embroidery ‘smocking’ designs still require pleated fabric. I've been playing with this idea of stitching Machine Embroidery designs over rows of gathers and I think it came out supa-cute!  It's fun and easy to do entirely on the machine. It creates fullness, adds interest and a pretty texture and while it only vaguely resembles smocking I’m going to call it Faux Smocking

You can download complete illustrated directions HERE

Warm and Cozies

 BigFatFluffy Scarf  


Click on the picture to download the directions. 

and a HOTTIE!


Click on the picture to download the directions.  

Stay warm!


Ok - I finally remembered to load the Fudge Recipe!!!  It was in a .DOC file with a bunch of other recipes so I just left them all there in case there was one that somebody might enjoy, find interesting, get a laugh out of - whatever.  They're all home-cooking recipes that are our family favorites, that some family member has asked me about, that I thought should be passed on.  I Hope you enjoy them in good health and with much happiness!

And if you don't have time to cook - check out Lou's Fudge Shop in Carolina Beach - 
the Fudge Boat!

                Elf Christmas Stockings!

Elf Christmas Stockings  - Christmas Stockings are such a BIG part of our family’s Christmas Celebration I thought it was a perfect project.  And these came out just ADORABLE!!  Click HERE to download the Directions & Pattern.

They're really easy to make and you can embellish, embroider, trim and personalise them to your heart’s content!  I made mine out of the supa-jazzy, supa-cute Christmas Prints I have in the Sewing Store, well, of course!  And you can, too, or use other traditional Christmas fabrics - velvets and red corduroy or whatever you might have in your stash.  Bells and bows and beads and fringe and glitter and sequins and sparkles will only make the stocking more adorable!!  AAAAND – a Special Package of the Christmas Prints at a Special Price! 


OK - Completely NOT heirloom sewing but a cute and fun Super Hero Cape project for Halloween or just for play, directions and pattern AND a Machine Embroidery Design digitized for me by my friend SusanB for your very own Super Hero Cape!!   This design stitches out PERFECTLY!  Guaranteed NOT to make you fly! 

Klik HERE to download the Pattern & Directions

Klik HERE to download the Machine Embroidery Design File

Christmas Tree Applique-Pocket

I love to put pockets on little kids’ clothes, they are always so surprised to discover that their little hands fit into someplace.  And it’s the perfect spot to hide a little surprise before you give them the outfit! I lined this appliqué and then attached it to the dress at the top and bottom only, creating a super-cute pocket!  You can put this on Samantha’s HomeMade Dress Miss Alice Pattern like I did or any other pattern you’re stitching, or a purchased T or Sweatshirt, jammies, jacket – you pick!

Klik HERE to download the Christmas Tree Applique Pocket Pattern and Directions Klik HERE to see the Christmas Prints in the Sewing Store


Slip from a Yoke Dress Pattern

We were ‘discussing’ this technique the other week on the Martha Pullen Forum and several people were asking about it and asking me questions off-line, too, so I thought it would be a good Sewing School topic.

I’ve done this for a long time, it works well and is easy, too.  I use it for making a slip to go under a Bishop-style dress, too, using the yoke pattern from my yoke dresses.  I've also used this for an easy nightgown!

Klik HERE to download the directions.

Twirly-Tiered Skirt Pattern & Directions

This is not exactly heirloom but perfect for a quick and easy project just in time for a cutie Back-to-School outfit!

 Hopefully you can click on each little picture to get a larger view!

You can click HERE to download the directions and pattern measurements.

NOTE: I have saved this pattern as a .PDF, clicking on the 'HERE' Link will take you to the .PDF file, then just click on the 'SAVE' icon in the upper left corner to save to your computer, click on the 'BACK' arrow on your browser to bring you back here.

 Check back next month to see the directions for my favorite Ric Rac trims!!!

How to Make YO-YOs!!

I had planned to do Yo-Yos this month because I thought it would be a quick and easy and fun and kid-friendly project!  Perfect for summer!  And then the latest Sew Beautiful hit my mailbox and what was one of the feature projects – Yo-Yos!!!  Well, I guess great minds DO think alike!  But then I decided to go ahead with my plan because I found out that >gasp< not everyone GETS Sew Beautiful!!! 

 My Grama taught me to make Yo-Yos when I was 7 or 8.  I worked HARD on those things! 

There are now some pretty elaborate plastic forms and shapes and instructions that you can buy from Clover, I've tried them and they are way more trouble than they’re worth – IMHO!  Except the flower-shaped one is pretty cute and would be difficult – impossible? –  to do on your own.  I'm going to teach you how to make Yo-Yos from whatever you have at home - and I LOVE this part! - there's a MATH LESSON to keep the kids on their toes this summer!

On the Left is Samantha Caffee’s Miss Lilly Pattern with just one little Yo at the shoulder and on the Right is an American-smocked sundress that I made from the Fine Stitchery Nightgown Pattern with LOTS of Yo-Yos!  And Below is a close up - I have *1* more Yo-Yo Picture to post (as soon as I can FIND it!) so be sure to check back SOON!!!

And CLICK HERE to download the directions for Yo-Yo Making!  Have Fun!

Nightgown & Sundress

 I feel as if I've been working on this very simple pattern F-O-R-E-V-E-R!!!

 But it's really just been a few weeks. It's a 'pattern' that I've used since my daughters were little girls, it's a 'pattern' that my Grama used for me and probably for my mom as well!  And really no pattern at all - really just winging it, that's how easy it is!

MUCH easier to do than to tell how to do.

The file ended up being way too big to download in one big lump so I've split it into 3 parts - - - Click on each  title to Download the complete pattern:  

PART 1A     PART 1B  and   PART 2


Cupcakes & Cookies

Everybody LOVES Cupcakes – right?! 

They take you back to grade school and birthday treats and Brownie meetings and snacks after school . . .  ok, ok, I’ve seen some cutie Cupcake Pincushions all sorts of different places and wanted to make some of my own – I spied the Wilton silicone Cupcake Cups while looking for something else the other day and immediately forgot about what I was looking for and was off on the Cupcake Pincushion Project!  These came out quite cute I think and are supa-easy-peasy!!!  

You can download the directions HERE.

Cheat Sheet for Heirloom Techniques

This is a collection of the basic directions and machine settings for my most-used Heirloom Techniques that I keep right beside my sewing machine all the time. Note your own particular and preferred machine settings for each technique on your copy of the sheet.  Feel free to download it and use it and share it.

But Thou shall not ever sell it!

KLIK HERE to download it as a .DOC file

Bunny Drawings

These are the little line drawings I used to embellish the shortall and dress I made for my little cousins and also the Bunny Twins on the Project Page.  You may use them in any way you wish but you may not sell or distribute the designs in any way.

I have worked the Bunnies in Outline Stitch as well as in Shadow Work with the tails as a cluster of French Knots or as fluffy Turkey Work.


KLIK on the Bunny to download the .DOC


 Trimming the excess fabric down to the Entredeux edge:

Joining 2 Entredeux edges togther with Zig-Zag stitch just wide enough to go into Entredeux Holes and about 2mm long, do NOT try to get needle to go into each hole, it will never work and you'll either go crazy or blind trying:

Sunbonnet Pattern

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