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THE Wedding


On Saturday, July 24, 2010 my youngest daughter, my baby, Chicago Daughter aka Princess Laura married her handsome Prince George in a most beautiful and appropriate setting for these two city-lovers on a roof-top terrace near Lincoln Square in Chicago with the stunning downtown skyline as a backdrop! 

An airplane flying overhead and several sirens from below punctuated the ceremony that ended with the darling little fairy flower girls dancing down the aisle. 

Note: notice the LOOONG dress


THE Fairy-Flower Girls


Of course I made their dresses! 

You can read a little more detail  HERE but the dresses really come *alive* on the little girls, don't they?!!

And aren't these little girls just TOO adorable?!  They're all 3 years old.

I had a REALLY hard time editing the ~200+ pictures down to just these few!! 


TWIRL - - TWIRL - - TWIRL!!!  Don't you just LOVE the pure joy all over their faces?!

A little last-minute primping for Miss Fuschia while Miss Orange shows off her dress and Little Miss Pink is o-so Prim&Proper!!

Just a note - Miss Orange was born 3 years ago at not-quite 27 weeks!  She was 2lbs5oz and in the hospital for the first 90+ days of her life but just LOOK at her now - the picture of perfection in every way!

THE Reception

The Wedding Colors were pink, fuchsia and orange - bright and summery!      

All of the guests were asked to keep the spirit - and color scheme - going by wearing some form of one or all of the colors - and almost everyone did!

Laura decked the hall thoroughly and completely with her colors and filled the tables with pink, fuchsia and orange ranunculus as you can see in the pre-wedding photo

 Ok - NOW notice the SHORT dress! Laura had a ‘vision’ of a beautiful LONG, romantic dress for the ceremony but wanted a more comfortable version for dancing and partying afterward – a break-away hem! 

I had agreed – eagerly – to make her wedding dress but was scared to death to attempt this vision of hers without a pattern and less than a month before the wedding!!  YIKES!  My own vision was one of her scrambling around the week before the wedding trying to find an appropriate off-the-rack gown after I had totally ruined the lace and fabric of the original dress! 

She had another girl who sews renaissance costumes lined up but when that didn’t work out this daughter of mine sewed her OWN dress!!  The seams and some of the finishing maybe weren’t quite what I’d’ve done but the dress fit perfectly, was absolutely stunning and was every bit the picture of her dream!

me, Mother of my Granddaughter, #1 Son, Chicago Daughter and Teacher Daughter 



Sisters, Best Friends, Bride and Maid of Honor! Chicago Daughter and Teacher Daughter, we won't talk about all the times one tried to kill the other while they were growing up!   

and yes, I made Teacher Daughter's dress, too.




LVS - from the Martha Pullen Forum and me and NO, she didn't wear pink!!!and she's not that tall, either!??



And we danced the night away - me & my daughters dancing to our theme song - Queen's 'Fat Bottomed Girls Make the Rockin' World go 'Round'!!!  LOL!!



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